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I had pretty decent luck, making it over 1000 miles from Austin TX to Jacksonville FL in 2 days.

I met some very kind people (including one trucker who let me sleep on the spare bunk in his truck) but I also got asked for sex by 2 drivers in texas.

STAY AWAY FROM AUSTIN AREA unless you want to be arrested, ticketed, and run out of all the towns around there.

Hitchhiking is above the national average on the other hand. - Thewindandrain , 6 March 2012 (CET)Most Texans were extremely friendly and helpful in my experience.

Pedestrian rights in Texas are among the friendliest in the country.

Pedestrians are allowed on virtually every single road in Texas including interstates, with the exception of a few busy urban corridors.

The casual kindness of Mexicans can often be your salvation, and they'll just throw you in the back of the pickup without a second thought.

Maybe this is because hitchhiking is more common there Very wide shoulders are built along the side of almost all highways, making it easy for people to pull over.

I was gifted a Bible from a theology student once, and he said a really nice prayer for me as well, even though he knew I wasn't religious it was still a nice gesture.-Shannon Texas definitely exceeded my expectations. The folks here are friendly and hospitable; none of that "You ain't from around here" stereotyping. Most locals work on oil rigs or ranches, so expect lots of working vehicles.-Keith If you are comfortable doing so, I recommend standing where an on-ramp meets the highway itself (either on the shoulder or grass) - something that is legal in texas.Thus it is impossible to state anything "typical" of it.Additionally, there are many immigrants from Mexico, from whom you will receive many rides.

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Your experience is really going to depend on gender, appearance, size of party, critters, etc.

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