Cydia weathericon not updating

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Cydia weathericon not updating

Unfortunately, changing IMEI number is illegal in many countries, but is possible on the original i Phone using homebrew software.

It is unknown whether changing IMEI on the i Phone 3G/3GS using software is possible.

Note that this ability is similar to the assisted GPS feature of the i Phone 3G and i Phone 3GS, with the difference in that turning ON Location Services lets i Phone and its applications use this tracking info immediately (less than 10 seconds).

Turning it OFF means this tracking info from the cell towers is simply not processed on the i Phone, but is available if needed.

The closer this number is to 0, the stronger the cell signal (or the closer you are to a tower).

The Field Test entries under categories on this page are: "Neighboring Cells" you can see how many cell towers or relays are visible to your i Phone while using GSM (2G).

At least, in all of Apple’s screen shots it shows the correct time.

Remember when Jay Freeman said that Cydia wouldn’t get bogged down by the massive demand for users of the evasion jailbreak, thanks to measures like including the package catalog in Cydia?In addition to https://, ftp:// protocol identifiers, the i Phone also supports tel://, facetime://, and mailto:// You must have a complete and valid URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for it to work.Safari will then launch the appropriate application to handle it.As we continue to dig through all of the new features and UI changes in i OS 7, we’ve come across a minor, yet interesting, detail.It looks like the Clock app icon now displays the correct time, and has an animated second hand.

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Changing SIM card, you can be tracked by cellphone used.

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