English girls for dating

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English girls for dating

This one obviously focuses on student/teacher dynamics.They are, however, very high quality; if you liked the previous ones, you'll like this one too.I recommend this for those who like rough 'forced' Yandere ! You get 4 tracks, but they all have H scenes and are between 18-43 min long.I had high expectations from this group, well, let's just say, it wasn't quite there. Hikaru and (I believe) Kazuma, the ~DOP~ heroine's (ex)boyfriend, make a short cameo in this CD as well, making this installment connected to the rest of the series.Thorough foreplay--the actors do a great job with licking, sucking, and moaning. There are other scenes where each actor takes his turn having their way with you (but eventually resumes the 3P).Voices: One of the actors has a deep voice, while the other is mid-range.The heroine is blackmailed by Hikaru to seduce Kazuma with a spiked drink, though she herself harbors hidden feelings for Kazuma already.

Out of the 4 tracks, 3 have H scenes, and (surprisingly) only 1 of them is considered dubcon. The CD stars Kazuma, the jilted boyfriend of the first Student Conquest Association disc, who is roped into starting a "fake" relationship with the heroine.It's revealed that Hikaru gives the male lead the advice that his father gave him in the previous story..you've followed the series thus far, you'll know what I mean.Overall, each of these CDs are quite similar, with minute distinctions (mainly based on tropes).Then it jumps to your first shooting, which is private and only has the two actors you'll be working with also recording.I like how throughout the H scenes, they'll say some lines that remind you that you're recording (like 'change the camera angle to here' etc.) which makes the scenario more believable.

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It can be taken a bit like an epilogue of sorts, but I sorely hope this series will continue :)They seiyuu's voice was perfect for the cd. His voice fit the part of the character really well.