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Supported off Florida , moved to Miami Beach, supported off Bermuca and the Sargasso Sea. His name was Verlin Steve Norris and he worked for RCA. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014 at the age of 73.

Moved to Oxnard, CA and then to Honolulu to support in the Pacific. He was definitely an Eastern Test Range rat for most of his life. We had many incredible adventures on land and sea during the 6 years of my childhood that I spent on Antigua.

After sinking went to for work for Pan Am as a security guard.On Ascension, I was there when we were the last station to track SKYLAB - it should have been a visual as it burned up but all my pictures just show the clouds it was behind. However, I do recall Narvea Gardner, a black man who taught me much about dignity and perseverance. Comments: Worked as the SCO on Redstone May 1967 to May 1969. I was a fisheries Biologist and ran research programs on the Columbia R.Many many stories I can tell and I have some photos... I believe I was the first/only woman on the softball team on Grand Turk, I lived in town rather than in barracks, I witnessed a tropical storm and could barely make it walking to work, helped a local master diver Paul (Hendrickson? I could go on, but I am currently planning a 2 or 3 month trip in early 2018 to go back and explore more. Comments: I was trying to find my (much) earlier entry to the RR book. I transferred (briefly) to the Radar Engineering Dept. Took leave of absence from FAA to join Redstone in Quincy, MA. utilizing Hydroacoustic Techniques to evaluate juvenile salmon passage at multiple Corps Dams. Discount food and drinks with name tag that you get when you sign in. Comments: Viewing the RR Sign in book, noticed I have an old email address. Thanks to Lee Barn for his email (RE: King Halikman) which got me back into interest in the RR history and Joe's great accomplishment with this site.(Not drinking and driving)I miss the place but no way I will ever be back.Not too many of us left - I will have a beer in honor of those who are still alive this evening. Comments: Still here as one of The Originals." Would like to know if the decayed cenotaph on Ascension Island for Jack Bowen was ever repaired or replaced.

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Someone attempted to reconstruct the wording, but got the wrong name from the fragments.