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"I think it's important to put myself out there because I think other people with disabilities and even able-bodied people have a lot to learn from that." And through his research, he's learning almost as much as his viewers.In one of the videos, Peeler talks about why he's been nervous to date, and lists some of the online dating sites designed for people with disabilities.It may be easier to approach that cute single from behind the safety of your computer screen than in a crowded bar, but the worlds of online and offline dating aren't so different.The rate of rejection is still high: Only one in three of the first messages sent by members of dating site ever get a response (sorry guys, the rate is only 27 per cent for you)."A typo means they're not paying attention to detail.

Because of profiles, the expectation is that you should have something more than just, 'You're pretty,'" said Sam Yagan, co-founder of OKCupid." for a simple reason: The latter salutation is a question."There's something in there engaging the other person," he said.According to dating experts, this is because people don't realize that the same rules of engagement apply on the Internet.The team at OKCupid recently pored over 500,000 first messages sent by the site's members and tracked response rates.

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