Hibernate update not updating

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Hibernate update not updating

A proxy is returned when actually a load is called on a session. The proxy is created by default by Hibernate, for mapping a class to a file.The code to invoke JDBC is contained in this class.12. Ans: Lazy fetching is associated with child objects loading for its parents.

configure and bootstrap hibernate) the Session Factory, which in turn creates the Session instances.Session instances are the primary interface for the persistence service." xml (alternatively can use hibernate.properties): These two files are used to configure the hibernate sevice (connection driver class, connection URL, connection username, connection password, dialect etc).For example Account.class will have a mapping file named xml.Alternatively hibernate annotations can be used as part of your persistent class code instead of the *xml files.

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Once the last reference is lost, that means the object itself is lost. The commits and rollbacks will have no effects on these objects.

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