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Intimidating questions

Our head office is in London, and we also have offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow.In turn, Totaljobs Group Ltd is a significant division of Step Stone Group, one of the largest job board companies in the world and a subsidiary of Axel Springer Digital Classifieds.Almost half (49%) of interviewers said they have intentionally asked difficult questions while interviewing a candidate.Interestingly, 20% admitted they’d adopted negative body language and 17% said they’d acted disinterested on purpose to throw the candidate.Even if you found the listing through a random job board, share what, specifically, caught your eye about the role.

We were formed in 1999 and we are part of Totaljobs Group Ltd, the largest and fastest growing UK job board company in the UK.

For example, if you found out about the gig through a friend or professional contact, name drop that person, then share why you were so excited about it.

If you discovered the company through an event or article, share that.

Consider this list your interview question study guide.

This question seems simple, so many people fail to prepare for it, but it's crucial.

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While we unfortunately can't read minds, we'll give you the next best thing: a list of the 31 most commonly asked interview questions and answers.