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TZL files need to be decompressed and then extracted by unzipping programs like 7-Zip.

Most text data on the web is comprised of HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

However it’s important to see how this improvement is not uniform in terms of numbers, or geolocation.

Google Analytics has a fantastic chart showing the trends in connectivity, worldwide.

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For our purposes, let’s take a look at three of the more popular formats, GZIP, BZip2 and 7zip.

However it’s been shown that users don’t want a mobile site: one-third of a site’s mobile visitors will choose to visit the full site if given the option between the two.

Site owners who can deliver a fast, reliable, cross-platform user experience across multiple devices and connections will own the web of the not-so-distant future.

Lossless compression algorithms are the backbone of most codecs, often applied after other algorithms to squeeze out a few more percentage points of compression. Runs of values are encoded as the symbol followed by the length of the run. Note that if the length of the run is In some rare cases, you can gain further savings by applying a lossy transform to parts of your content before applying the lossless compressor.

Since the data is non-recoverable to its source state from these transforms, these algorithms are typically reserved for types of text-based data which won’t suffer from loss of information; for example, truncating floating point numbers to only two significant decimal places may be an acceptable transform for a dataset.

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There’s already a massive market for mobile, and with increased connectivity world-wide, the technology companies find themselves in a new fight to provide content and data to the next 5 billion humans who will come online soon.