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The additional cast members include: Kana Hanazawa as Mutsuko Sakura, the story's heroine Natsumi Takamori as Izumi Shigeno, the protagonist Daigo's older sister Yuko Sasamoto as Kaoru Shigeno, Daigo's mothe...― Video streaming service Viewster is now streaming the complete Earl and Fairy anime. The Second Plate series, and is streaming a "retrocast" of Beelzebub, with new episodes added daily.Viewster describes Earl and Fairy: In 19th century England, 17-year-old Lydia Carlton ekes out a living as a fairy...Real Car Series Yoroshiku Mechadock was #37 with 661 copies, and Real Car Series Circuit no Ohkami was #39 with 654 copies.

Life has a way of balancing things out, and now I get to...― The thrill of risk and the ecstasy of a big victory make gambling quite a sexy endeavor, while the devastation of a big loss and the destructive addiction it can foster simultaneously make it very ugly.

Fans were able to drink Misato's wine, hear announcements by Kaworu, and with the right ticket, take a sit in an Evangelion cockpit. It was a busy weekend in the world of voice actors and singers.

Two singers announced the birth of their children, one voice actor might have let slip that he's actually married, and another singer announced she's leaving her husband.

James Beckett sees how this continuation of the manga story compares to the first series' anime-original conclusion.

Play Station 4 game began streaming a new promotional video on Tuesday.

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Mazinger Z will premiere in both Japan, Europe, and elsewhere on Jan. It was also announced that events commemorating the anniversary of the series are in the works, so it looks like 2017 is the start of something wonderful for fans who have been patiently waiting!