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The Cine Vic Society of Independent Filmmakers present their annual independent short film & video festival March 26-28 in Victoria, B.C., Canada, featuring three evenings of screenings and two afternoon sessions of workshops & seminars.Come on, was there any doubt The Irish Times' poll would list "The Quiet Man" as one of the Films of the Century?

If this is your thing, you'll swear you died and went to heaven.Well-known ski resort isn't content to welcome skiers with great snow and long runs. Here you can download and view MPG movies of test flights around Pasadena, California in 2-dimensions, or if you can dig out a pair of those old, special glasses, you can see them in 3-D.It hosts events ranging from the sublime (breakfast with Santa, December), to the ridiculous (Beach Daze, in April). This site is for the serious student of horror, but demonic dabblers will enjoy it too.Here's a long list of the addresses of Hollywood stars and maps of where to locate 'em. On one visit, "Some Like It Hot," was about to screen, with guest appearances by director Billy Wilder, and actor Tony Curtis. Alopecia Areata is common condition that results in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere.Find Brando, Bronson and Burnett in just one small fraction of the Bs. Find out more about this affliction from Dan Victor, who works at the University of Washington library system.

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