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They’re the equivalent of Reddit liars – if there are enough of them, then all of the top comments will be theirs, since they’re able to come up with much more interesting stuff than the truth-tellers.In fields where sloppiness is easy, the truth-tellers will be gradually driven out, appearing to be incompetent since they can’t even replicate the most basic findings of the field, let alone advance it in any way.Given thousands of stories to choose from, the ones that bubble to the top will probably be the lies, just like on Reddit.Every time I do a links post, even when I am very careful to double- and triple- check everything, and to only link to trustworthy sources in the mainstream media, a couple of my links end up being wrong.When I read stories like this, my first impulse is to try to think of reasonable explanations or ways they could be a coincidence.

Best part of this is my son says he doesn’t remember telling me that, but my wife heard him saying that too, so if definitely happened!The sloppy people will survive to train the next generation of Ph D students, and you’ll end up with a stable equilibrium. I know that if a community is big enough to include even a few liars, then absent a strong mechanism to stop them those lies should rise to the top.I know that pretty much all of our modern communities are super-Dunbar sized and ought to follow that principle.” you laugh hysterically and tell me that nobody has even invented numbers that high. Reddit looks a lot like a normal forum or blog comment section, the sort of BBS I used to go on as a kid with twenty or thirty regulars who would dominate all the discussions.It perfectly explains mysterious events that would otherwise require impossible coincidences or weird theories about hidden brain functions. If indeed 1/10,000 people is the sort of jerk who would make up a story like this just to troll people (or even 1/1,000 or 1/100 people), the chance that I’d run into them on my little BBS/comment section/Dunbar-number-group is pretty low, and I can safely ignore the possibility that five different crazy paranormal comments are all by pathological liars.

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I open it to somewhere around page 200 and right there is my booklet smashed in between the pages.

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  1. This couldn’t be further from the truth because many times, people who join these sites do it because they are fed up with meeting the wrong people or they simply don’t have the time to waste trying to meet people the conventional way.