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Taylor swift duncan penn dating

Her show is one of a select few number of concerts being performed at Lincoln Financial Field this year.

Other acts include Kenny Chesney on June 9 and Ed Sheeran on Sept. Want more news and entertainment about Philadelphia?

" And then it was like if we were going to go after all these things, we should help people do things they do as well.

Penn: Our goal is to give people the feeling that they can do anything—especially college students.

"Harvard is a great place because you have a lot of smart, ambitious people you can learn from, work with, and sleep with," said Jonnie Penn, one of four members of the project and MTV show "The Buried Life." In an event organized by the UC, the group spoke to a nearly full audience at HLS on Thursday.

Embodying a refreshing blend of bro humor and antics coupled with the deeper pursuit to spread an empowering message, the boys discussed their New York Times bestselling book, good deeds, and breaking into the Playboy Mansion dressed as Oompa Loompas.

Asking other people what they want to do before they die felt like such a good way to do that. Flyby: For someone who wants to embark on a journey like this, what skills do you need to take on this type of adventure?

Lingwood: One of the things we have found is if one of us individually tried to do "The Buried Life," we would have been toast, almost for sure.

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Two members of the gang, Jonnie Penn, sporting a scruffy blonde beard and burnt orange hipster glasses and Dave Lingwood, wearing a denim button down he later called his "Canadian tuxedo," sat down with The Crimson and spilled about how they really feel about Harvard, what their toughest goal has been to date, and why college is the time to uncover the buried life. One of our employees is at HLS and she showed me around and I love it.

I studied American History at school so coming here is like a great history lesson.

“I had absolutely no idea that that stuff was filmed, so there was this realization when I got an e-mail from my manager. It’s this episode of episode of “The Buried Life,” ‘ and I was like, ‘They had a camera on that?

’”Swift says she is keeping to herself what happened later.

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I think it's easy to fall into routine in any school you go to: I imagine that you have to play within the rules. Lingwood: One of my huge fashion mentors is Todd from Wedding Crashers, so I'm really trying to capture that. Flyby: The idea of doing something off your list and then helping someone accomplish something they want to do—was this for the show or something you've done from the beginning?