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The resultant bone lesions are lytic (cause breakdown) in nature, and are best seen in plain radiographs, which may show punched-out resorptive lesions (including the raindrop appearance of the skull on radiography).The genetic and epigenetic changes just described occur in a step-wise fashion.The 11q13 and 6p21 cytogenetic abnormalities are associated with a better prognosis.[6] It usually occurs around the age of 61 and is more common in men than women.[70] In rare cases the globulin elevation is Ig M, which is referred to as Waldenström s macroglobulinemia.

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Patients without evidence of a monoclonal protein may have nonsecretory myeloma (not producing immunoglobulins); this represents approximately 3% of all multiple myeloma patients.

[ Initial therapy[edit] Initial treatment of multiple myeloma depends on the patient’s age and comorbidities.

It is not curative, but does prolong overall survival and complete remission.

United States[edit] In the United States in 2016, there will be an estimated 30,330 new cases and 12,650 deaths.

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Persistent localized pain may indicate a pathological bone fracture.