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Vrbnik online dating

The council stressed that such institution is very important since many foreigners visit the City. The earliest known French-Flemish musician living in Dubrovnik was Gallus Piffarus. His grandfather was a naturalized citizen of Dubrovnik, Lambert Courtoys senior from France.

The opera was composed on the text Junije Palmoti's (1606-1657) text written in Croatian, which bore the subtitle Musica.

Around 1780 the ships from Dubrovnik were sailed to New York, Baltimore etc. On the island of Sicily, Italy, there is a town called Ragusa.

The English word ARGOSY (= Ragusin ship; Ragusa = Dubrovnik) soon after the first Dubrovnik ships arrived in England in 1510, became synonymous with a large, rich cargo ship (Karaka of Dubrovnik). This town known from ancient times, was rebuilt by Dalmatian settlers in the VIIth century, who gave it the name of their native place (information from "Art and History of Sicily", Casa Editriche Bonechi, Firenze, Italy, p. An Italian naval historian Bartolomeo Crescentio, author of "La Nautica Mediterranea", 1602, Rome, states that the Ragusans were the best builders of galleons in the Mediterranean and that the Argosy was a galleon of Ragusa.

A few of Drzic's books printed in Venice in Croatian language have been discovered in Milano (MI0185 Biblioteca nazionale Braidense - Milano): Also Shakespeare's The Tempest has its source in the old Croatian chronicle from the 12th century, known as the Chronicle of Father Dukljanin.

Its Italian translation was published in 1601, a decade before The Tempest was composed (see [Mardesic], p. The importance of Drzic as a playwright for Croatians is analogous to that of Shakespeare for the English, Molire for the French, and Goldoni for the Italians.

The territory of the famous Republic of Dubrovnik (Ragusa), though somehow disconnected from the main part of Croatia, was able to keep balance with great forces, which always had respect for its economic well being and culture, and it remained free due to its numerous diplomatic and economic relations.

This earliest Croatian city-state had as many as 85 consulates in various seaports throughout the Mediterranean, and diplomatic representatives in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Paris and London.

Known for her exceptional beauty, both physical and spiritual, verses were devoted to her by some of the best Ragusan and Italian poets, for example by Dinko Zlataric and Torquato Tasso.Note that Shakespeare was three years old when Drzic died.Drzic's plays were translated into Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Swahili, Swedish, Ukrainean, and some other languages.It is strange that "The World Book Dictionary", an important American dictionary of the English language, claims for "argosy" to be an "Italian (! ) which traded extensively with England in the 1500's". The Dubrovnik galleon Argosy is mentioned in two Shakespeare's plays: "Merchant of Venice" and "Taming the Shrew". Blasius, Armenian martyr from 3/4 centuries), patron of the City.The white flag of Dubrovnik contains a figure of Sv. Also other flags were in use on Dubrovnik ships, like the one with significant inscription LIBERTAS, or The famous Columbus crew in 1492 had at least two Ragusan mariners: Martin de Araguis, Pedro de Arague. The earliest history of Dubrovnik goes back to Ancient times, at least to the 6th-5th centuries BC.

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"Tractatus de Ecclesia", written by Ivan Stojkovic de Corvatia (or Iohannes de Carvatia, also known as Jean de Raguse, 1390/95-1443), a professor at the University of Paris, was the first systematic tractate about the Church in the history of Catholic theology.