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One popular program, called Power Spy, can be secretly installed by you. Spy software is a computer program that secretly records everything your partner does online. - They install Internet cleaning software to delete their history. Most cheaters don’t realize that everything they do online can be secretly recorded using special software and monitoring devices. - They talk dirty to other players in game site chat rooms. When they visit porn sites, perform cyber sex in chat rooms or do anything else that you wouldn’t approve of - you will see it. When they write an incriminating email - you will see it.

Step Three: Deploy When you are ready to begin, make your purchase from a trusted site such as This section will go through each type of software and device to help you better understand the way each one is used and how it can help your investigation. These tactics can do various things to catch your spouse cheating red-handed. - They visit escort sites using a secondary web browser. - They view singles sites using a secondary web browser.

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Your spouse gets very defensive if you mention infidelity or affairs. For example you could learn that your partner is planning to be with their lover on Saturday instead of being with friends like they told you.

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